The NPD Group's Luxury practice is the industry authority for market research and solutions for the luxury branded Jewelry market. Leading Jewelry brands and hundreds of independent luxury retailers rely on us for information on the market, key segments, brands and specific SKUs. Whether to address tactical decision making or to develop long-term strategy, our services provide essential information to client subscribers on what is selling (models, styling, price-points, materials) and when.

Clients use our information to:

  • Identify growth opportunities and penetrate new markets
  • Leverage category management to optimize assortments
  • Pinpoint poor performing media and marketing programs
  • Optimize the allocation of advertising and other resources across markets
  • Assess the attractiveness of investments in new models, lines, or retail stores
  • Improve product forecasting and supply chain management
  • Develop new products more cost-effectively
  • Perform analysis on competitors

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How do we do it?

We collect point-of-sale information from leading retailers representing several hundred retail stores each month to tell our clients what and where consumers are buying.  We bring these robust data assets along with our industry expertise to address your business issues, from opportunity identification to program evaluation.