The NPD Group's Luxury practice is the industry authority for market research and solutions for the luxury and fashion watch markets. The majority of leading brands and luxury retailers rely on us for comprehensive information on the market, key segments, brands and specific SKUs. Whether to address tactical decision making or to develop long-term strategy, our services provide essential information to retail participants on what is selling (brands, models, styling, price-points, materials), where (geography and retail channel) and when.

Clients use our information to:

  • Understand their brands’ performance within the context with the overall market.
  • Manage investments within current brand assortment.
  • Understand gaps in brand coverage and brand redundancy.
  • Assess the attractiveness of investments in new models and lines.
  • Gain insight into brand distribution to identify those that might provide opportunity within a given marketplace.

Retail Participation Details

Watch Tracking Services and Reports

Brand Performance Benchmarking

Performance metrics include overall market sales by dollar volume and units, average sales volume by door, average MSRP, and average unit inventories. Retailer brand performance is included to provide insight into how the retailer’s performance compares to other doors in the marketplace.

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Market & Market Segment Tracking

Sales monitoring of the market and the retailer’s sales trends via our web-based Time Tracker Sales Intelligence Module. Application provides information allowing the retailer to benchmark its sales performance against the market. It allows a user to review overall sales activity, and same store historical sales figure levels versus competing retailers operating in the market.

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Brand Tracking

Sales monitoring of over 60 fine and fashion watch brands via our web-based Time Tracker Marketplace Intelligence Module. Application provides information allowing the client to identify trends in market share and productivity (per door sales performance) by price point, gender and other segmentation dimensions.

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Model Level Tracking

Monitoring of sales and inventory trends at the SKU level. Monthly Flash reports provide a brands top 10 and bottom 10 performers. Comprehensive Model level reports provide insight into Top models, model turn, and availability (in-stock percentage) to provide you with comparative information. This allow you to monitor your internal replenishment processes as well as ascertain if the brands are giving you a “fair share” of top models.

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The US Watch Market Annual Report

Hardcopy report synthesizing major sales and inventory trends broken into four sections: Market Overview, Merchandising, Retailing & Distribution, Brands & Manufacturers. In addition, detailed profiles of over 60 brands are included.

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How do we do it?

We collect point-of-sale information from leading retailers representing over 8,000 retail stores each month and conduct thousands of in-store and telephonic audits — to tell our clients what and where consumers are buying. We bring these robust data assets along with our industry expertise to address your business issues, from opportunity identification to program evaluation.